Does the 10 day "cooling off "period start from the day I sign the contract?


If I go beyond the 10 day "cooling off" period am I still able to cancel the contract?
No. As the equipment has already been ordered; however, you may choose to postpone your installation to a later date if agreed to by the General Manager.


Do you have Licensed Installers?

Yes.  All our Installers and Consultants hold current security licenses as required by the WA Police Commercial Agents Licencing Board.


Do I need an active phone line to have a Security System?

Depending on what sort of security system you have you may require an active phone line. Clients wishing to have their system monitored require a normal hard wired phone line as the alarm sends data across your phone line to the monitoring company.  Naked DSL will NOT work for monitored alarms but it may be possible to dial to your mobile. Systems that dial to mobiles are generally compatible with most phone lines as no data is required to be sent. If you are unsure of whether your system can be monitored, please contact our office.


We have pets in our house, will they set off the alarm?

Should you have pets, then you will require Pet immune sensors instead of normal sensors. When it comes to pets in the home with an alarm, each property is different and may require specialised sensors to prevent false alarms. Your Security Consultant will provide you with the best option for your needs at the time of quoting.


I am currently renting, can I still get an alarm?

Yes. We offer a range of different alarm systems that can be used for rental properties. Usually with rentals we recommend getting the owners approval first. However, if you are looking for an alarm you can keep, enquire about our range of wireless alarm systems that are completely wireless and offer minimal damage to rentals. eg, holes in roof and walls.


Will a home Security System make my insurance cheaper?

In most cases it will, however as most insurance companies have different guidelines it is advisable to check with your insurance company first to see if you qualify for reduced premiums.


What is included in the standard system?

The standard system includes an: 8 Zone Control Box, LCD Code Pad, 3 Passive Infra Red (PIR) sensors, External siren and blue strobe light, internal screamer and window stickers, installation, programming and commissioning of the system.


Does your system have a warranty?

Yes. There is a 12 months manufacturer's warranty but an extended warranty can be take out for a small additional fee.


Would my Internet be affected if I have a security system? 
Yes. Please advise the Security Consultant that you have broadband and you will therefore require an ADSL Filter to be installed so that it does not interfere with your broadband.

How much would the ADSL filter cost? 
ADSL filters usually cost around $110.


How long does NSP take to install a Security System?

An average install usually takes about 3 hours.  However, depending on the roof conditions and other factors, the install can be either quicker or longer.  No two properties are the same thus every alarm system is installed differently based on the same principles.


Does anyone need to be at home for the security system to be installed? 
No, not necessarily.  Someone will need to open up and return to be instructed on the use of the system upon completion.  Or with prior arrangement we can open and close up the premises for you.  All our Installers are police cleared for your peace of mind.


What if the power is cut to my house, will my alarm still work?

Every alarm installed comes with a back up battery. Generally your back up battery should keep your alarm functioning normally for at least 24 hours. Your code pad will always tell you whether or not your battery is in good working order or not.  Faults are usually indicated via the service light on your code pad. If your yellow service light is constantly illuminated on the code pad, call us to diagnose the problem over the phone. If we are unable to rectify the problem over the phone then we may have to arrange for a technician to attend and a service call charge could result.


Do I need to test my alarm system regularly?

As with all electrical equipment it is advisable that you test your system on a regular basis to confirm it is in good working order.  If you are unsure about anything just call us and we can put your mind at ease.


How can I pay for my Security System?

Cash, Visa Card or direct deposit into our bank account.











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